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BUEATY secrets 2108 for women

My mother always use to tell me, that people come in your life for reasons, seasons or a lifetime.  From experiences, some seasons are long, some reasons are forever unknown, others come to the light and run their course and some end up being a lifetime lesson or a friend. The relationSHIP with your inner self, is a ship no one should abandon...this is most important. Never let that ship sink and learn how to be the captain, crew and passenger. In due time, when you have decided to dock, you will find a place/person to dock your ship. So with that said, I thought of a list -  h ere is the list and see how best you may also apply them to your list already made.   Lessening the charade What can bleed you dry, is the needless habit to tolerate things that suck you dry of your energy and make it impossible for you to function effectively. Living a happy, successful and fulfilling life will not be possible; if you’re spending all your energy tolerating things that should